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Shadrak, Meshak & Abednego

Tragedy Strikes 3 Brothers

By Becky Toyin Obarorakpor

In May 2012, three brothers, Shedrack (3yrs), Meshack(2yrs) and Abednego(5 months old), while travelling with their mother to a nearby village were involved in a ghastly motorcycle accident which instantly claimed the life of their mother. The three children were rushed to Eku Baptist Hospital Delta State for Medical treatment.  This was when Rev. Richard Obarorakpor, then Chaplain of the hospital, became acquainted with this family.

Shedrack, the eldest of the brothers, was discovered to have suffered severe multiple fractures in his left lower limb (which led to the loss of his Femur bone). His case was severe so he was immediately transferred to Delta State University Teaching hospital, Oghara Delta State for further treatment under the care of Shepherd Care Ministry.

Thankfully, Meshack and Abednego, the second and third sons did not sustain severe injuries in the accident. Their father appealed to Shepherd Care Ministry to temporarily assist him in taking care of both children while he tried to re-adjust himself. This was how Meshack and Abednego came to live in the Orphanage home. While in the home, Meshack and Abednego had multiple health challenges but they were all taken care of.


Shedrack stayed in the hospital for about a year and was discharged in 2013 after his lost bone was miraculously restored to the doctor’s amazement. Now, he is back on his feet. However, his father had stopped visiting Shedrack in the hospital.  Efforts were made to locate him checking  the address he provided, but he was nowhere to be found. In 2014, news came to the organization that he had fallen seriously ill and died.

All three children are now medically well; they have been in the Orphanage ever since. They attend Bender Scholars Shepherd Care Schools Eku. Presently, Shedrack, who is 11 years old, dreams of becoming a Soldier, Meshack, who is 9, wants to be a Pastor, and 8 year old Abednego wants to be a Doctor.

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