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Deborah's Story


Deborah was about 12 years old when she was bundled up in chains on both legs and dumped by a road side in Eku, Delta State.  When found, she couldn't talk. She looked fragile, unkempt, weak and kept laughing irrationally so, no information could be elicited from her.


Some Passers-by picked her up and took her to the Police Station where she was handed over to the management of Shepherd Care International Ministry (SCIM) and taken to Eku Baptist Hospital for treatment.  SCIM took responsibility for her well-fare while she was in the hospital and was recuperating.


While in the hospital, she also started walking but was very unstable in her steps.  Soon, she revealed her name (in an almost inaudible manner) but couldn't give any other information about herself or why she was in that situation-till date.


Her mood was very unstable while in the hospital. Sometimes she would be elated and other times she would be withdrawn and sad.  No personal information could be extracted from her because of her poor vocalization and inability to communicate.  It was suspected that she suffered from Neurosis/ Child Abuse and so, she was taken through series of skilled psychotherapy and sedatives. After some improvement, she was transferred for expert care at a Specialist Hospital where she didn't make much progress.


Ever since, Deborah has been in Shepherd Care Orphanage where she is specially being cared for by the matrons and Nurses because she cannot do anything on her own.  She is unable to attend a Proper school because she cannot stand without support and cannot read, write, nor talk.


Deborah has the voice of an angel.  She enjoys singing...Although the lyrics are inaudible to listeners; the rhythm and tone are very pleasant to hear.


During  a Missionary visit in 2019 with Stan Hutchison, Miss Chelsea Schoop (a member of the team), on seeing Deborah became very interested in her and when she was back to the states,  sent a words illustrative material (Placard) for Deborah to be taught with. Becky Obarorakpor guides Deborah through the learning process with the Placards. Deborah learns new words such as "Sit"  "Go" "Come” and is gradually progressing and vocalising these words.

Although her enunciation is still unclear, she gets the rhythm of the words and says them.  Obviously, Deborah enjoys learning. She laughs and smiles a lot. Deborah is now 22 and interacts better with people - although in a very special way.  She can greet in the Urhobo language (Miguo)

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