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Our Monthly Feature...

Miracle's Story

By Becky Toyin Obarorakpor

  • Miracle was brought to Shepherd Care Orphanage Eku at the age of 10 by a Pastor who is a member of a mission group.


He was brought to the Orphanage  because  he was abandoned due to allegations that he possesses a strange and evil spirit.

Miracle was  homeless and had no one to care for him.  His  father and mother were late and there was  little or no trace of his family. 


Miracle  stopped going to school when he was in KG3 (Kindergarten) and just about 4 years old.


When he was brought to the Orphanage at the age of 10, he resumed schooling at Bender Scholars Shepherd Care Schools and has since been doing well and intensely participating in religious activities.


 In Shepherd Care International Chapel, he leads believers in worship and praise to God.


Miracle is well behaved and possesses good leadership qualities.


He is 13 years old now and thirsty for more of God thus his zeal to become a Minister of the Gospel.

The photo to the right is Miracle with his American friend, Cole Thompson, the Hutchinson's grandson.  Miracle and Cole are approximately the same age!

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