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Our Monthly Feature...

Peter's Story

By Becky Toyin Obarorakpor



In February 2014, Peter with his bag of clothes, then 2 years old,  was abandoned at a transport Service Office in Delta State by his mother .


His mother pretended she was going to get him some food to eat when they arrived at the park.  Then she absconded.

When people realized he had been dumped, he was taken to the police station then eventually handed over to a Social worker who contacted Richard Obarorakpor of Shepherd Care Orphanage and  handed Peter over to him.


Peter was examined in Eku Baptist Hospital then it was discovered that Peter was a cripple.  Peter is not sensitive to pain. He had sores all over his body and sometimes eats them. Sometimes maggots came out of his legs.

Upon examination, it was discovered that Peter suffered from  kyphoscoliosis/ Amelia (a disproportionately large head in comparison with his body) and uneven curvature of his spine vertebrae (spina bifida).


A lot of doctors at home and abroad were called upon to help but there was no solution. Even our donors who visited, Dr. Tina Slusher (A pediatrician) and Dr. Marci Hutchinson (also a pediatrician) tried their best but Peter could not completely recover. 


Although he is much better and his sores are healing.


Up till date, taking care of Peter is still very tasking to the caregivers in the Orphanage since he cannot do anything for himself.

Peter was initially allowed to go to school on wheelchair but he couldn't cope so he was withdrawn.  Although he speaks, he speaks only in monosyllables and his vocals are not so clear.

All in all, Peter is a happy child.

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