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Raymond's Story


There are times in life when things just do not go the way we plan. Usually, when life takes a turn away from the directions of our plans, it is time to have a “pity party”.  It is easy to become depressed and angry when tragedy falls our lot.

Such is not the case for Raymond. He and his wife had five children – 3 boys and 2 girls. The oldest was a son and college graduate who met ill fate, losing his life not too long after graduating from college. Losing a child, regardless of the age, has to be one of the most gut-wrenching experiences that life can throw ones way. Several months later, the second oldest, another son, also lost his life. Now only three children remained.

Raymond worked a motorcycle taxi service for a living. One night as he was traveling back home from a 25 mile trip, he was riding without any eye protection. He encountered a swarm of bugs of which several hit in his eyes. There was a poison released that claimed Raymond’s eyesight in both eyes. Now, what else could go wrong in life one may ask?

If these three tragedies were not enough, Raymond’s wife left him with three minor children to rear. It was at this time that he crossed paths with Rev. Richard Obarorakpor. Richard took Raymond and his three children into the Shepherd Care Orphanage giving him and his children the essentials of life. Raymond received medical care for his eyes and the three children were enrolled in Bender Scholar Schools.










Although beset by much tragedy, Raymond did not give up. Through the assistance of Rev. Richard and Shepherd Care Ministries, Raymond enrolled in the School for the Blind in Ogbomosho. He then proceeded to the Federal College of Special Education in Oyo State  where he received his college diploma and certification for teaching. He is now gainfully employed as a teacher in a government school system.

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The third son, Collins, graduated from Bender Schools and is now enrolled in Delta State University, Abraka getting a degree in Arts and Drama. The older daughter, Marho, has taken the entrance exam and is now enrolled in nursing school.  The youngest daughter, Rukevwe, is a student at Bender Scholar Schools.

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