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United in Hope, Joined in Love

Shepherd Care

Current Projects

Our Mission:

Defend the cause of the

       weak and fatherless;


Maintain the rights of the

       poor and oppressed;


Rescue the weak and needy;


Deliver them from the hand

       of the wicked.

(Psalms 82:3-4)

“He loves us beyond comprehension, 

and we cannot diminish his love for us.”


Support Shepherd Care

Shepherd Care is ministering to needs of many in an environment of thankfulness by those on the receiving end. While numerous people desire to participate in a mission trip and physically lend a helping hand, the truth is that few actually do.  However, if you have a heart to share, there is a way that you can help give these children an opportunity in life and meet needs of widows indeed.  A monthly donation of $35.00, $50.00 or $100.00 goes a long way in feeding, educating and equipping children who have a tremendous desire for a better life.  It is the goal of Shepherd Care that 100% of monies donated go directly to support these projects.  All operating expenses required to run this non-profit will be covered by an anonymous  party assuring that ALL of your donations go for the intended purpose.

             Click on the "Donate" button and give today!

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